Making single-cell analysis
versatile & accessible for every lab

Enter to be awarded one of four grants valued up to US$30,000 each
for a complete 3′ scRNA-seq solution fully supported by Scipio bioscience!



Single-cell analysis is emerging as a potent tool to study population heterogeneity at the cell level for identifying sub-populations of interest and deciphering those tiny changes responsible for disease manifestation that are not detectable in bulk sequencing.

However, early generations of single-cell technology came with certain features, particularly the need for instrument-based sample preparation, that restricted its widespread adoption.

Scipio bioscience intends to change that with our breakthrough solution for 3’ scRNA-seq which includes the Asteria™ Benchtop Kit and Cytonaut™ Cloud Analysis Software. This powerful combination empowers all researchers to perform scRNA-seq experiments with a much-simplified workflow, never-experienced-before flexibility, and greater analysis confidence with intuitive software supporting the entire workflow.

At the core of the Asteria Kit is our reversible hydrogel-based RevGel-seq™ Technology that best preserves the integrity of the transcriptome during sample preparation. RevGel-seq enables the safe processing of fresh and potentially large cells, provides a protective processing environment for even the most sensitive samples, and allows for multiple safe stopping points starting within two hours into the workflow. Now — without the need for microfluidics equipment and specialized training — researchers can easily process up to four samples of 5,000 to 15,000 input cells per sample (or up to 60,000 cells in total per kit).

Plus, Cytonaut Cloud Software is a user-friendly, yet powerful tool that guides researchers throughout the entire single-cell data analysis workflow, from raw sequencing data to publication-quality results. Now, researchers without bioinformatics support can start to take control of single-cell data exploration.

With this Single-Cell Grant Program, Scipio bioscience is giving researchers the opportunity to apply for one of four (4) awards that include everything needed to generate preliminary data within three months for future funding requests.

Now, with the availability of our innovative scRNA-seq solution and this Grant Program, landmark studies are possible for every researcher, opening the doors for single-cell analysis in every lab.

For Research Use Only and shall not be used in clinical diagnostics procedures or in clinical studies.



Up to four grantees will be awarded a complete single-cell 3′ RNA-seq solution​ including:

    • Up to three Asteria Kits with each kit processing up to four samples of 5,000 to 15,000 input cells

    • Technical assistance from experimental design to data interpretation

    • Sequencing costs for one run per sample at a maximum read depth of 40k raw read per cell*

    • Use of Cytonaut Software for the entire single-cell analysis workflow, from processing raw sequencing data to producing publishable figures

    • Bioinformatics support using Cytonaut Software to help find data insights and generate publication-grade single-cell data visualizations

    *Up to the maximum cost allocation per winner

To be considered for this first Grant Award Program, all applications must be received by Tuesday, January 31, 2023. 


Frequently Asked Questions

At Scipio, we are passionate about providing every researcher who wants to pursue single-cell research with powerful, yet affordable and easy-to-use solutions, from benchtop kits to cloud-based software.

For more details, please review the Scipio Grant Program Terms & Conditions.

A panel comprised of scientists from Scipio bioscience will carefully review each application and select the four (4) award winners based on need and scientific merit, along with:

  • Importance of results to science 
  • Feasibility and readiness of the project to be completed within three months
  • Fit of the study to Scipio bioscience technology 
  • Willingness and ability to be recognized by Scipio as an award winner, present grant-related results, and allow Scipio bioscience to use grant-related results in marketing 

See Terms & Conditions for more details.

This opportunity is open to researchers who are first-time users of Scipio bioscience products. Any researcher whose employer sanctions the acceptance of grants and allows the researcher to publicly share related research results is eligible to apply. All applicants must hold a primary research position and be planning to submit a grant application to support a broader research aim for which pilot data are needed. Young investigators are encouraged to apply. Grants are offered across the spectrum of single-cell research. 

See Terms & Conditions for more details.

Just fill out an online application with relevant details such as the scientific question you are hoping to answer, how this technology will help you, the sample types you will use, how the results will inform and guide your future studies, and more.

The Grant Program application period starts Thursday, Dec 1, 2022, at 12:01 a.m. (CET) and ends on Tuesday, January 31, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. (CET). Applications must be submitted during this period to be eligible.

Jump to the application.

See Terms & Conditions for more details.

The Grant Award selection process will begin on February 1, 2023, and award recipients will be contacted by Scipio bioscience of their selection within 30 days. The public announcement of the winners will happen in March 2023.

All award winners will receive a phone call and email notification of their conditional selection. Once the study agreement is signed between the winner’s institution and Scipio bioscience, the public announcement will be made and the study coordination can commence.

See Terms & Conditions for more details.


Supporting the Growing Single-Cell Research Community

Dive deeper in our single-cell technology in our first webinar focusing on the principles of instrument-free scRNA-seq with Asteria™ Benchtop Kit and user-friendly analysis with Cytonaut™ Cloud Software. Walk through the entire workflow from preparing the sample to generating publication-grade figures. Get all your questions answered by our Director of Innovation, Dr. Nicolas Fernandez, and Director of Bioinformatics, Dr. Barbara André. Watch the full video below!


Special Offer for Grant Applicants

All applicants will receive a special 20% discount on their first order as a thank-you for participating in Scipio’s Grant Award Program. The discount will apply from now through April 30, 2023. When placing your order, just mention the discount code you will receive upon completion of your application.